Done with it….

The space reserved for tolerating “BS” has reached its maximum capacity. I’m done with it. 

I’m mostly talking about adults who fly off the handle at the slightest thing, exhibiting no self-control and are too proud to admit they over reacted. Scratch that. Not adults merely. CHRISTIAN adults. Not baby Christians either. A measure of Grace needs to be extended there. I’m talking about people who should know better. People who are quick to point out others’ faults and, when that person repents and admits wrong doing, they continue to rub it in. 

I’m also talking about people who do little but complain about their circumstances and yet refuse to actually do anything to change it. They enjoy playing the victim. 

I’m also done with all the fussing and nonsense.

These are the last days. We need to put on our armor and be in the word …not as hearers only, but doers. 

It’s time to grow up. If you refuse, are happy with all the BS, then that’s your choice. Just don’t expect me to go along with it or encourage you in the destruction.

Stop asking God to change your spouse

I love this idea! I may do this not only for Hubs, but each of my kids too. We can all spend more time being thankful and looking for the best in our loved ones.

Running The Race

This is good. I am actually going to try it starting on January 1st.

Might blog about it a bit along the way, who knows?

While working on my bookCherish: The One Word That Changes Everything for Your Marriage,I interviewed a woman who told me about an amazing marital “exercise” she put into practice. She spent an entire year working on her husband’s Christmas present. What she did was write a journal that recorded something she was thankful for about her husband that particular day. These were very specific, day-by-day accounts of what the husband did and why she was thankful to be married to him: putting up the Christmas lights when it was very cold (December 7), coming home and playing with the kids after a long business trip even though he was obviously tired (Sept. 22), that kind of thing.

When she gave her husband the journal he…

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