Here’s a thought….

God, through Paul, tells us in 1 Corinthians 13 that we see through a glass darkly but in the end we will see reality for what it is. Some are content with the status quo of not seeing clearly. They continue to swallow the “blue pill” day by day. The reasons vary, I suppose. I, however, am not satisfied with seeing through a reality distorted by the prince of this world, the enemy of our souls. The end of that passage states the greatest is love. We are told elsewhere that perfect love casts off fear. If we want to see clearly, to have our eyes opened as the story relays in 2 Kings ch. 6, we need only ask and walk by faith in the Truth. That Truth being Jesus. He alone offers the “red pill”, salvation through His shed blood. Having chosen the red pill, I am astonished at how many Christians continue to swallow the blue. I do not judge them. Rather, may we all be reminded of Romans 12 and no longer conform to the patterns of this world but have our minds renewed so we may see clearly God’s perfect will.