The One I Love

I saw this painting on FB. I love it so much! I really want a copy so I did a little digging. A Google search will link you to Pinterest where it has two different names. Some call it The Hug and others Jesus Dancing with Little Girl. Neither are correct.

I was able to find the artist’s (Kerolos Safwat) Facebook page. The real name is, The One I Love. Unfortunately, it is only available in Egypt but will become available in the U.S. soon.

It is a fabulous depiction of how so many of us will feel when we first lay eyes on the Lord, Yeshua. I used to think I will just fall to my knees and weep but my anticipation is now so great I just may jump into a big bear hug. 🙂 The girl kinda looks like me. 😉

2 thoughts on “The One I Love

  1. Lol..

    I’ve been looking all over the Internet for this picture. I heard it was called First day in Heaven. I want it so bad!


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