“I Was Told to Come Alone”- Souad Mekhennet

I Was Told to Come Alone- My Journey Behind the Lines of Jihad by Souad Mekhennet

I don’t usually write book reviews on this blog, but this book deserves a mention.

Souad Mekhennet is a Muslim woman born in Germany. She lived two or three years in Morocco with her grandmother when she was very young but returned to her migrant worker parents in Germany in time to begin formal public school. I get the impression they were Muslim/Islamic mostly by culture only, and less “religious” though she did attend Koran classes. Her parents found it important to assimilate into the Western German society, while still respecting their Muslim heritage. Her dad was Sunni and her mother Shia, having met and married after separately moving to Germany to find work. No doubt this background had a huge impact upon Mekhennet’s worldview.

As a teenager, Mekhennet developed a keen interest in journalism and decided early on that was what she wanted to do when she grew up. She did just that, working for Der Spiegel, German radio stations, and then later for both the Washington Post and the NY Times under contract.

As a Muslim woman fluent in Arabic, Mekhennet was/is in a prime position to report on radical Islam. Just as shocked at 9/11 as the rest of the western world, she sought answers so many others were asking: Why do some Muslims hate the West so much? How can people from backgrounds similar to her own, become so radical and go the way of jihad?

Mekhennet interviewed dozens of Jihadi fighters and sympathizers to answer just those questions. As there are usually “two sides to every story”, Mekhennet was determined to report the side not often told by the MSM. To do this, she met with some of the most dangerous people in the world, putting her very life at stake, knowing full well that any interview could go terrible wrong and she’d end up kidnapped, raped, forced into “marriage” or even publicly beheaded.

Just the interviews and her experiences alone make for fascinating reading, but the reason I recommend it…the reason I think every Westerner should read this book….is because of what can be read between the lines. She never comes out and says anything about the global elite’s Hegelian Dialectic, nor MK Ultra, but to me both were so obvious. I don’t want to give any details, but this book ( especially since it was lived/written by someone fairly objective and outside the “conspiracy circles”) only confirmed to me that such activities and manipulation do indeed occur.

Plus, she is who uncovered the real identity of Jihadi John, and that is pretty cool.