“The Loneliness of the Remnant Believer – Pastors Hughes and Henry” Jan Markell

SO MANY of us are feeling more alone than ever in these last days, even among fellow believers. We who try to warn others of the signs of Christ’s return are met with ridicule sure, but my primary experience with people is they simply don’t appear to care. Even professing Christians remain so caught up in their own daily lives they simply have no desire to think about the prophetic implications of today’s headlines. I’m not judging when I say that. I don’t know how many people have said to me, “I know these are the last days but I don’t dwell on stuff like that”. They imply there is something wrong and irresponsible about me for giving so much thought and attention to such things. Sadly, I find many of these same people grow very animated and passionate when discussing gun control or other such “Patriot” topics, but can’t quite muster the same enthusiasm for the Lord’s work and preparing themselves and others for eternity.

This weekend’s Understanding the Times broadcast discusses this and I must admit I am encouraged in knowing I am not alone in feeling so alone.