What We Lost When We Lost Our Hymnals – Tim Challies

We still use hymnals at “my church”. I was raised using one and I will likely die (or be raptured) still using it. The contemporary worship/praise music has its place, I suppose, and I’m not entirely against them, but I love the old hymns. The contemporary stuff…particularly the repetitive choruses…are like cool whip. Sweet addition to the pie, but they aren’t the pie. One thing the author of the following article did not mention, is the hymns tell The Gospel. There is meat, substance, to the lyrics that is often lacking in the current stuff.

Here is my grandfather’s copy of the hymnal I grew up with and still use today. It was given to my son when my grandfather went Home.

This one song above has the Gospel all over it. Kids grow up hearing this, the Word is being implanted in their hearts.