Watch til the end…

As long as she has breath, there is Hope for Jezebel.

No doubt the evil spirit commonly called Jezebel is rampant today; not just in our selfie-loving society, but even in our churches.

A few months ago, I had another dream. It was like watching a movie instead of the kind of dream where I interact. The “camera” was panning through what I instinctively knew to be a church though it isn’t one that I recall ever seeing in real life. I somehow knew I was being shown…yet again…that Jezebel operates within the American church. The room was darkly lit and empty, save one woman sitting somberly in one of the pews. I recognize this woman as someone I know very well. I awakened feeling uneasy because this is a woman I know and love. I chose to file the dream away in my mind, hoping it was just a dream, a nonsensical imagining. However, I cannot rationalize why my subconscious would just identify her as a Jezebel. Also keep in mind, I have absolutely no “training” in what is a dream from the Lord and what isnt. Though I come from a long line of ministers and elders and was taken to church while still in the womb, our particular “denomination” does not teach about such things. The gifts of the Spirit are mentioned but never expounded upon. Anyway, as I said, I love her. But even those whom we love can put down their armor, even temporarily, and thus open themselves up to the enemy. I don’t mean to suggest that I am immune to this. I am very much aware of how easy, and tempting, it is to just take a time out and lower my guard. We simply must keep up our shield of faith and cling tight to the sword, the Word. And keep in mind, we don’t battle against flesh and blood….

So what do we do when we encounter a Jezebel? I warn you: they may be difficult to spot.

We must armor up. And PRAY for her/him. More later as the Spirit directs…..