A Wave of Darkness Over America

You may have noticed I’ve been rather silent on this blog in recent months, apart from the occasional shared video. The Lord has been dealing with me and I’ve been in some rather heavy spiritual warfare. Although I was raised in church and come from a long line of preachers, elders and missionaries, I never learned much about the realities of the spiritual war that is raging unseen around us. Sure, there would be messages about Ephesians 6, Jesus and the apostles casting out demons etc. but they were always approached at arm’s length, almost like a history lesson. I’m not sure why that is, but it’s true that I have no training whatsoever in things like dreams and visions and spiritual discernment. I was always taught to test the spirits against Scripture, which is true of course, but never what that actually means in the practical sense and never ever in regards to what is happening around us which we cannot see. That is why I have always been hesitant to share what I consider are dreams from the Lord. I’m new to all this but at the same time can see how God has been preparing me my whole life.

I don’t pretend to understand much of it and please know, if I share something I see or have voiced in my spirit, I do so with much prayer and humility and ask that you too take it before the Lord and Scripture.

Having said that:

A few weeks ago (I really should start keeping a record of dates) I was laying in bed but was not asleep. Rather, I was in prayer. With my eyes closed I saw a blacker than black wave, or perhaps a curtain, making its way from right to left across an already dark landscape. It filled me with a sense of dread. It lasted mere seconds yet that image and feeling has stayed with me. A wave of darkness is headed for America. She is already dark, in so many ways, but this curtain of darkness will be thick and palpable. The opportunity for light and truth will have passed, having been taken for granted, squandered away or ignored.

4 thoughts on “A Wave of Darkness Over America

  1. The fact that you saw the darkness is stating that you had eyes to see. Keep journaling and blogging as the Lord leads you. Warn believers to be praying for America so that the darkness will be pushed back.

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  2. 7 years ago I had a similar dream that I’ll post below.

    I had a vision on September 21, 2011. In the vision I saw the United States starting at the east coast. What I saw was a thick black fog and it was rolling in over the ocean and blanketing the country, as I said before, it began at the east coast and moved across the entire united states. The thing that I know about fog is that usually when the sun comes out the fog dissipates, however, this fog blotted out the sun’s light. Next I saw beams of light punching through the fog extending heavenward; these were intercessors praying for America . I believe that the Lord is issuing a call to prayer to believers

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