“Scientists Confirm All Humans Descended From Two People”

Don’t be encouraged just yet. While we Bible believers exclaim a loud “DUH”, I must be suspicious of how they will ultimately spin this. One of the scientists is from Rockefeller University after all. They are already saying it doesn’t mean the Bible is true. I saw this headline in the MSM as well, which means the story is controlled and has an ultimate purpose. Do we really think the Luciferian globalists do not have some lie planned to explain who these first humans were? Keep in mind the Luciferians also have a creation story, only they claim God (whom they say is the creator AND Satan) enslaved man in the garden and Lucifer set them free by bestowing knowledge upon them. Yes, this bit of “revelatory information” will likely be used in the not-so-distant future but you can be sure they WON’T admit the Bible is true.

4 thoughts on ““Scientists Confirm All Humans Descended From Two People”

    1. The most common answer I’ve read is we were seeded by aliens. Ha ha. But seriously, the Luciferians (in general I think and from what I understand thus far) would say the God of the Bible created them but He was evil and enslaved them in the garden. They say Lucifer is also a god and freed them by bestowing upon them knowledge.


      1. Ho-hum… The old-as-the-hills Gnostic heresy. Even “seeded by aliens” makes more sense than that. In “Expelled,” Ben Stine got atheist hot shot Richard Dawkins to say he thought life on earth had been seeded by aliens–really made a monkey out of him.

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