Keep an Eye Out

You may have already heard Trump’s announcement that the U.S. will be withdrawing from Syria. This will leave Russia as the dominant super power and further open the door for Turkey and Iran.

Keep in mind Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39.

Also we need to keep an eye on the New Madrid fault line. I suspect it is in for a severe spasm, for lack of a better word. That’s all I can say about that at this time.

If the Lord tarries and I don’t speak to you before then, may all of you have a merry and blessed Christmas.



This is fake, right? It can’t possibly be a real article. Sigh.

My first thought was: satanic delusion. But it’s worse than that. He isn’t denying the virgin birth. It is a direct attack on God Himself. I truly believe the core, the foundation, of the antichrist/last days religion will be luciferian. Luciferians say God enslaved mankind in the garden and the serpent set them free through the gift of knowledge. “Aliens” and transhumanism will play a big part too….all pointing to the same goal of dethroning God and man becoming gods themselves. This article has that written all over it.

Christmas Joy

This is my daughter. I don’t post many personal things on here, but that may change. She is autistic, among other things. Her body is 15 but her cognitive development is much younger. If you ask her, she’ll say she is six. She’s had it very rough the past few years, mainly due to puberty, and she continues to have many challenges. Tonight we went to a local Christmas parade to watch my son, her brother (9), who was riding on our church float. I had to capture this moment because it has literally been years since we’ve seen her this joyful and interactive. I want to weep with gratitude and am daily humbled at the immense honor it is to be her mom. You’ll have to click the link to watch the video. Sorry.

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