The long road home

So beautiful. Clearly Spirit-inspired. Thanks for blessing us with this Sandy!

Serve Him in the Waiting

The sun sits low in the darkening sky.

The specks of light, visible only to the spirit realm, float up through twilight.

A survey from above reveals the destruction. The Earth hums, rings, groans. A cry rises up from vexed children to their Father…..”How long….?”

Not yet.

See that lost one, pray for this weary one, help those needy ones over there. Tell them the gospel. Warn them! Pray for the persecuted and oppressed. Do not be distracted.

Keep praying. Keep walking. Keep trusting.

Was it this bad for Noah? Was Lot more vexed than we? Incomprehensible!

It is easy to understand why You don’t give us more knowledge of the future beforehand. Our frail human constitutions would not hold up.

We look forward with eager anticipation. We know with each sunset we are one more day closer to our glorious redemption.

Fill us with Your Spirit, Lord. For we…

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“God had sent us a warning” on YouTube

I believe this fellow is sincere. He had an experience many years ago where he died, saw hell, and was revived. He only recently got the courage to share openly. (Another video) He does not appear to be doing this for attention or any kind of personal gain. Regardless, the warning is applicable. Be warned. Be ready.