First House Republican backs bill banning assault weapons | TheHill

Thanks to my college years, I have quite a few liberal/socialist friends. All of them are now relegated to just Facebook. Don’t get me wrong, these friends are intelligent, kind, people. Although even back in those days we disagreed politically, it was always civil and respectful. It still is. Now, I despise politics with a passion because all I see is fighting, bickering and lies. Still, I vote for who I pray may be the most aligned with my values.

Anyway one of my friends recently made, what I consider to be, a ridiculous statement regarding gun control. In regards to banning assault weapons, she said (and I paraphrase) the 2nd Amendment was written by men who used muskets. Therefore, modern weapons require modern legislation.

Uh, the revolutionaries used the weapons available to them. They were the same weapons available to the government against whom they revolted. Does she (and others who use the same argument) think the government and military will also give up their assault weapons alongside the average citizen? I think not.

They are missing the point. The point is to have a fighting chance against an aggressor who wishes to infringe violently upon their American liberties. Unarm the American people, the decent, generally law abiding citizens, and those citizens become open game to the criminals and those who wish to relieve us of our freedoms.

Where has common sense gone?