Is Music Neutral?

Logos Speaks shared a wonderful and interesting article on worship music. While there are some (relatively) modern Christian songs I love, I am partial to the old hymns. It’s what I grew up on, what “my church” continues to sing (with actual hymnals) and what I teach my children.

5 thoughts on “Is Music Neutral?

  1. I love both genres…but nothing can replace the way an old hymn can move me. They instantly take me back to childhood camp meeting, Prayer Meeting, summers spent at my grandparent’s and attending their church. There are some songs I can sing and feel not only the Lord through them, but also remember sitting alongside loved ones now gone, and knowing they are singing now with Jesus.

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  2. I love those 19th century hymns that I grew up on, and it took me a long time to warm up to some of the modern efforts. But I’m glad I did: “In Christ Alone” and “Thy Word” and “Our God is an Awesome God” are among my favorites now.

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