Tending to the Pantry

My sometimes-hobby is to see how well I can stock our pantry/freezer for as little $$ as possible.

This week I was able to can 20 quarts of green beans, and freeze 20 or so quart bags of zucchini. Both are from our garden and grown organically.

Last night I canned 5 quarts of pears that I picked off my parents’ tree. While I paid no $$ at all for them, they were still rather costly. As I was walking away from the tree, a wasp/bee (I never did see which, though I had seen both on the ground earlier) attacked my right ear. I was wearing ear buds and it some how got tangled in it. In the end I was stung at least 3 times on my right ear, once on my bottom lip and once on the neck. My ear is still tender.

Lord willing, the garden will give us sweet corn next and then some pumpkins. 👩‍🌾❤