Oozing with Enthusiasm

As you can see, the kids could hardly contain their excitement before co-op today. Ha ha.They learned a few signs in sign language today. The teacher is deaf so she never spoke and all the sweet kids followed suit with nothing above a whisper. It was certainly the quietest class I’ve ever attended! 😁Things picked up a bit in Art, with H esspecially enjoying herself. Naturally E made a couple new friends.I was proud of E during the devotions time, when the chairman asked the first words God spoke in the Bible and he answered with “Let there be light”. ❤

Good morning

I’ve been busy with establishing a new homeschool routine for this term. Today we meet with our home school co-op for a sign language class and an art class. My daughter is a bit anxious about it so I’m spending the morning trying to calm her nervousness. She has spent the last couple of years not wanting to leave our home except to go roller skating once a week with my dad. I signed us up for these two classes in an attempt to help her socially. The classes are small in number and include kids from Christian homes, so I’m praying it’s a pleasant experience for her. I appreciate your prayers too. My son has no trouble making friends, so no worries there. ❤