My Ongoing Research

Below is a list of my current research material concerning the paranormal. It is ongoing and more books are saved in my Amazon account. This research is slower going than I would really like, but I am a home school mom and wife so those duties take priority as they are my first line of service to the Lord.

Books Read:

Communion- Whitley Strieber

The Bible, Physics and the Abilities of Fallen Angels- Paradox Brown

Final Events- Nick Redfern

Unholy Communion- David Ruffini & Joe Jordan

Weird Kentucky- Jeffrey Scott Holland

Books I’m either currently reading or will read:

Biblical Demonology- Merrill Unger

Beyond Science Fiction- Jim Wilhelmsen

Secret Societies- Joel Levy

Greatest Mysteries of the Unexplained- Lucy Doncaster and Andrew Holland

Area 51- Annie Jacobsen

Phenomena- Annie Jacobsen

I also listen to several podcasts that cover paranormal topics, many of which allow “real people” to call in and tell their experiences. This and their Facebook groups is where I gather the bulk of my information about how common folk perceive the paranormal. As I said in myTop 7 Reasons post, these groups (and podcasts) are followed by thousands from all over the world, not just America.

*The Confessionals Podcast (interviews. Tony is a Christian)

*Monsters Among Us (call in/email)

*Weird Darkness (outspoken Christian but does not preach. Reads stories submitted)

*Astonishing Legends (fun and informative, they present research on topics ranging from Amelia Earhart to Bigfoot)

*Jim Harold’s Campfire (call-in interviews)

*Jim Harold’s Paranormal Podcast (interviews guest researchers, can be a little “woo-woo” and I don’t waste my time listening to most of them)

*Strange Familiars (call-in interviews)

There are many more like these, I just find these to be the best quality.

I also watch videos and interviews on Youtube. I may share some here. It’s important to keep in mind that most of the videos are from a new age or humanistic perspective. Most are not interested in considering what they really are: demonic. That is why I want to do my small part in getting the Truth out there.

Thanks for your moral support and your prayers.


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