University Settles Lawsuit w/ Scientist Fired After Finding Soft Tissue in Dino Bone

University settles lawsuit with scientist fired after he found soft tissue in dinosaur bones

“Soft tissue in dinosaur bones destroys ‘deep time.’ Dinosaur bones cannot be old if they’re full of soft tissue,” Armitage said in a YouTube video. “Deep time is the linchpin of evolution. If you don’t have deep time, you don’t have evolution. The whole discussion of evolution ends if you show that the earth is young. You can just erase evolution off the whiteboard because of soft tissue in dinosaur bones.”

Homeschool Journal 9/4/19

Here’s a look at our memorization wall this term. We are beginning with the books of the OT. We are also learning their divisions, such as Law, History, etc…..because, well, that’s just how my mind works. 😁 It’s been said that a man’s brain is like a waffle, with compartments, and a woman’s is like a bowl of spaghetti. Well, I’m a waffle despite being female. 😁

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