Inception: Scientists Successfully Implanted an Artificial Memory

Inception: Scientists Have Successfully Implanted an Artificial Memory

By Chris Young

August 29th, 2019

We thought fake news was bad enough, but now it seems that scientists have successfully implanted a fake memory in an animal, potentially leading the way to human trials.

Researchers were able to reverse-engineer a natural memory by mapping the brain circuits the memory was based on in a test mouse.

Then, they implanted this memory artificially into another mouse by stimulating its brain cells in the pattern of the original memory.
Not only does this have vast ethical implications, but it might also make us question our own memories. While it is widely known that our memories are unreliable, this new research adds a whole new dimension to the issue.

As per Scientific American, the new findings show that brain circuits that normally respond to experiences and create memories can be manipulated in order to form fake memories. READ MORE AT ABOVE LINK

Late-term abortionist offers parents the chance to cuddle with dead babies before disposal | News | LifeSite

Seriously. Depravity has entered a whole new level of insanity.

I thought it wasn’t a baby, pro-choicers? Have a box of remembrance of the child you chose to destroy? Are they serious?

“Benny Hinn CONFESSION,” (Bye prosperity gospel!)

Have you heard? Benny Hinn has renounced the prosperity gospel. He says, “It is an offense to put a price tag on the Gospel”.

I do not know much about Mr. Hinn. I’ve never kept up with any of the prosperity gospel teachers, but I imagine this has come as quite a shock to his crowd and associates. If he is sincere in his sincerity of the true Gospel of Christ, then Amen and praise God!

Michael Snyder from End of the American Dream website writes:

This represents a 180 degree turn for his ministry, and it could be a watershed moment for American evangelical Christianity as a whole. For decades, an extreme emphasis on wealth and prosperity has virtually drowned out the message of the cross on Christian television, and this has greatly damaged the evangelical movement. Having high profile leaders such as Benny Hinn renounce the “prosperity gospel” would do much to heal the damage that has been done, and he should be greatly applauded for his public repentance.

Check out Snyder’s article at the link above. As always, Maranatha!