Horrifyingly Disgusting-Filth!Read with Caution!!!

The following article was brought to my attention by Lee Duigon on his blog.

Cannibalism: Professor Says Eating Human Flesh Will Save Planet From ‘Climate Change’

First, they want to take away our juicy steaks because cows fart, but now…this crosses the line of decency. A Swedish scientist suggests that it may be necessary to turn to cannibalism and start eating human flesh to save the planet (giving new meaning to the expression bite me) And NO this story is not from The Onion.

A conference about the food of the future called Gastro Summit being held in Stockholm Sweden featured a presentation by Magnus Söderlund claiming that we must get used to the idea of eating human flesh in the future, as a way of combating the effects of climate change.

Söderlund refers to the taboos against it as “conservative.” Yep, he claims those who don’t want to eat your dead relatives are old fogys who don’t want to save the planet. He adds that people can be sold on the idea little by little, first by persuading people to just taste it. Tasting it? Over my dead body—-er maybe that’s not the correct phrase, but you get the idea.

Conflating resistance to eating human flesh with capitalist selfishness, the seminar’s talking points ask:

“Are we humans too selfish to live sustainably?

Capitalist selfishness? Just another reason to hate Socialism.

“Is Cannibalism the solution to food sustainability in the future? Does Generation Z have the answers to our food challenges? Can consumers be tricked into making the right decisions?At GastroSummit you will get some answers to these questions—and also partake in the latest scientific findings and get to meet the leading experts.”

If you can stomach it (pun intended. Sorry), read the full article at the link above, though it doesn’t quite explain how exactly it combats climate change.

I really don’t know what to say about this. I mean, do I need to comment about how disgustingly depraved this is?? I should not be shocked, but I am completely flabbergasted that such a conversation was allowed at a public forum and then allowed to be reported. We can say, oh people will never get on board with this but seriously…..once the Restrainer is removed and God pours out His wrath (and the beast system blames it all on climate change) people won’t find the idea so unthinkable.

Since this discussion is now being made more public (though admittedly still in its infancy) I shudder to think how and what they may have been sneaking into our “food” already. Abortion is a huge industry after all.

Uuugghhh. I can’t even.

Check out this video too.

I seriously feel ill.

Dear Lord, PLEASE get us out of here!

4 thoughts on “Horrifyingly Disgusting-Filth!Read with Caution!!!

  1. Ok, I found this on YT cause I watch TruthStream Media from time to time.

    I just finished watching it on their channel. I mean… really? It’s no wonder God set out the Laws he did in OT.
    Soylent Green? I’ve never heard of it…be it the movie, the drink or the wafer. Marcia, had you heard of these?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I had heard of the movie but don’t recall ever watching it, though somewhere in the back of mind I knew what “it ” was about. The rest is news to me. I’m still nauseous over this.


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