“The Great Deception-Aliens & UFO’s Are Demonic Nephilim”

I posted on genetic and biological engineering earlier todayand suggested it will be connected to the mark of the beast. Now pay attention to what LA and David discuss in this video. I posted the other before I saw this video.

These “aliens” are not our friends! They are the enemy of your soul, destined for an eternity in the Lake of Fire! YOU don’t have to join them there!

The Lord is not slack concerning His promise, as some count slackness, but is longsuffering toward us, not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance.
II Peter 3:9 NKJV

10 thoughts on ““The Great Deception-Aliens & UFO’s Are Demonic Nephilim”

  1. Oh yes my Sister In Christ I’ve said for many years now that we are not having visits by other planetary beings that are more advanced there are none what we see in all of this is spiritual demonic beings that are preparing with Satan for the mark of the best and antichrist taking his throne here on earth who will rule and enslave the human race usurping all the powers of Satan. Master Trickery is all this is and the Scriptures warn of such in the latter days!

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      1. My Dear Sister in Christ thank you and you are so right! I walk my dog around the neighborhood and being my old self trying to be congenial and friendly toward people I get talking which I can do in spades! Well I got talking about faith and Jesus and this man who is retired with his wife got on a whole thing about aliens of a reptilian order put us here long ages ago and are monitoring us, when I heard this I wanted to say you know how deceived and twisted your mind is to think such nonsense, but I held back because I wasn’t going to stand in the street and convince him of anything at that point! So many are going to be fooled these demons are preparing to enslave as many as possible with Satan. Let’s keep the faith strong and follow our Savior Jesus Christ who is the Way the Truth and the Life!
        God Bless You and Yours!

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      2. Not a kooky man just ordinary people that I know have been living in the town for decades; said he was watching some cable TV channel program that goes into this stuff on a regular basis is how he is learning of it. Maybe some indoctrination is happening on that program? I don’t even have cable I found too much to even check what’s going on and much is a waste of time! My mother said praying for the world is so important, bless You! Much trickery in the End Time as Scripture says!

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      3. Yes Dear Sister in Christ, that is what he said and I never watched it, another reason I got rid of cable too, much bad filler being pumped out into the TV viewer land, saturating minds with lies and deceptions, part of the antichrist movement! I just wrote a comment about this kind of thing happening on many fronts’ moments ago to another post which I will include here. It was a piece about Harry Potter.
        When this Harry Potter came out I knew upon its release it was another push into the antichrist movement and I had then no doubt how diabolical this thing is; to subvert the minds of children away from the truth and God, and now after years I see the proof in the pudding. This form of worship and adulation of a character who part-takes of sorcery is nothing but evil at work in our modern pop culture! At least long ago when the Wizard of Oz was made into a film the sorcerers where obviously bad and weren’t doing good things, which was clearly defined as wrong and in the end the young girl is brought to the reality that there’s no place like home and traditional values of being with family and trusting in God!
        We’re a long way from the those times when top literary staples like Tom Sawyer or Call of The Wild were wholesome stories about Man and Nature but connected to those stories and the characters was the reality of Almighty God. This dribble with the Potter books discounts the Almighty and actually rejects Him as nothing more than fantasy and unimportant but Potter is to be put on a pedestal! This is to me pure evil. God was taken out of the public school systems as part of the evil agenda and now the race is on to take God out of popular advocated literature and entertainment to gain control of more minds, hearts and souls for Satan!
        Lawrence Morra

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