5 thoughts on ““Prophecy Update: Pope Francis Invites Political Leaders To Sign ‘Global’ Pact!!!”

  1. Marcia, thank you for this important and even earth shattering update! Some will say I’m stepping over the line or on a limb, but I’ve had my problems with this Pope for some time now! I’ve been only slightly vocal about what I see wrong with him and the current church hierarchy, but now this is a blatant overt political avocation by the church via this False Pope! He is wrong to be involved this way in politics and has skirted major church issues while finding time to coddle Muslim heretics and their political ideology! He is either crazy or diabolically influenced! The false Pope serving the beast and now New World Order!! I never wanted to have to say this but now I have and I have no problem with it because a few years ago something I was compelled to do through the Holy Spirit in seeking the Popes counsel during a major political crisis in my personal life gave me clear evidence that good is not working with this Pope; the mission failed and I saw it as a sign of worse things to come! And by God they have, as I watched and have seen more and more evidence of this Pope’s taking the flock away from the church and serving dark forces! Locally I have suffered the consequences of this maligned advocacy but I see how the influence is global now too! God bless all of His faithful in the name of Jesus. Amen

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      1. Absolutely this is another political front of corruption and it blends in or dove tails with the NWO. I remember the Scriptures speaking to this that in the latter days the leader of the church and many others with positions of authority would serve the political beast.
        Love in Christ Jesus Mom.

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