“Victims of Gun Violence Come to Capitol Hill to Side with The Second Amendment”

I’ve said it before and it continues to make me sick: I loathe American politics. That doesn’t mean I don’t find it important; I just lose patience with the obvious divide and conquer agenda of the globalists and the tendency of Americans to believe the garbage they push. Gun control is one of the most ridiculous arguments of our present society. It really is as if the average American who pushes against the Second Amendment has lost all common sense. Why can’t they see the trap laid before them? It’s beyond me.

7 thoughts on ““Victims of Gun Violence Come to Capitol Hill to Side with The Second Amendment”

  1. Marcia my Sister in Christ Jesus! Your fine Blog coincided with something I was actually just writing when I opened my email and saw the notice about this story! I was also writing a letter to a man who is fighting government corruption which I’m doing as well. I thought, well God thank you again you lined up things so perfectly for me to go along my path doing your will!
    Here is what I had to say to all three different situations but all so very connected!

    Going back as far as I can remember I was always an eternal optimist when I had little if any concept of what eternal is!
    I remember when as a young boy I was confronted by a pair of bully twins in the neighborhood that were going to beat me up and I asked them why they want to make trouble so much and make me suffer which would sure get them in more trouble than they realize not just with my parents but with God; and with Christmas coming in a couple of months they would ruin it with all the trouble they want to make. I went on to say we should not be bullies to each other because we should be helping each other the way Jesus told us to and that is why we have Christmas, to be good. Those two bigger than me bullies suddenly became my friends and we walked on down the road till they had to turn to go to their house and I remember them saying, “see you later Larry!”
    Fast forward so many decades later and all the more recent battles I’ve been up against with far greater more powerful adversaries and bullies have cut into me deep, body, heart and soul! Was that little skirmish way back then just a trial to get me going in the right direction from a tender young age to reflect on even now and know that the paradigm never changes here on earth but I too should not change from what I was back then and what was in my heart back then when I was a boy, because now it is needed even more to turn the bullies away from doing harm or causing more ruin than they already have to me and the world!
    The eternal optimist is still there holding fast to what is right and only seeking to do God’s will knowing so much more now how God will never let the faithful down, they are after all His children; even so the spirit is truly willing and the body is weak more so at certain times than others, but like dear Dad told me as a kid, “pick yourself up by the bootstraps, brush yourself off and get moving!”
    I’m “Moving!” Thanks God and Dad.
    Brother in Christ Jesus
    Lawrence Morra

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      1. Sister Marcia, you are so sweet and precious! Thank you for connecting to this in some special way that you have! I tell you from the heart I was on autopilot this afternoon when 3 different situations converged as I was thinking and suddenly remembering this childhood event which was huge at the time and I was all of maybe 8 years old. My God He does work in mysterious ways and I tear up now just thinking how He has been there watching us all the time never ceasing to love and care for us! I am so moved that you felt the special feelings I received from the Holy Spirit today to bring this all about! We are all works of art in progress to our Heavenly Father! Amen
        Brother in Christ Jesus,

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      2. Oh yes Marcia, they sure are I have failed to remember at times just how important it is that we keep that point in mind always; He loves us so much like nothing we can imagine really or have experienced except in small ways or bits and pieces in our earthly bodies! But, I’m becoming more aware as I grow older that with the insights and wisdom we acquire with a pure heart loving Jesus Christ while living our lives and seeking to do God’s will, we actually can sense and feel that awesome love and even express it to one another from our purest heart!
        God’s Fullest Blessings!
        Brother in Christ Jesus,

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