My mom sent me this

I guess I’ve been doing this a long time……😉😂

I wrote this when I was in 4th grade, so 9 or 10 years old. I cringe at the grammatical errors but copied it exactly as I wrote it back then. Ha ha.

An Innocent Soul

There once was a little boy named Tommy. Tommy wanted a puppy. So on his birthday Tommy got a puppy.

Tommy loved the puppy, and the puppy loved him.

One day Tommy’s mom asked him to go to the market for her. So on the way back Tommy and the puppy were crossing the road. When suddenly a speeding car came rushing down the road and was about to run Tommy over, but the puppy pushed Tommy out of the road. The puppy was run over. For Tommy, so he could not get hurt.

It is like the Lord Jesus Christ. He was killed for us. So that we could be saved. An innocent soul was killed just for us, like the innocent puppy for Tommy. And because of that innocent soul we can be saved. And have everlasting life.

17 thoughts on “My mom sent me this

    1. I was blessed to have been taken to church while even in the womb. I have always been a deep thinker, which I see now is how God “hard-wired” me. I think it frustrated adults who didn’t know how to answer my questions. It still does. It was around this time when I memorized the entire 2nd chapter of Luke and began asking my parents questions about how Santa Claus fit into that story. Ha ha. I don’t remember what they said to me exactly back then, but I do remember their answers were unsatisfactory to me. I didn’t make my confession and was baptized until I was eleven though. We remain at odds about Santa even to this day, but that’s ok.

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  1. Marcia my sister in Christ Jesus,
    What a profoundly beautiful little story about a boy, his puppy dog and God! The relevance of the story and its deeper meaning was so spot-on and just as important and powerful today as back when you were a child like Tommy!
    You certainly were writing a while ago and your Faith in Jesus Christ was obviously so beautiful and deep for a young girl making you very aware of so much about life and purpose; which is evidence to me of how the Holy Spirit is with us watching over and teaching us if we will listen! The connection of innocence and boundless love coming together in that way as a clear example of the ultimate sacrifice being made in order to help and save that which one loves more than their own precious life is the key to everlasting life and for you to have related to that so well as a child certainly pleased our Lord, and I believe has manifested over the years in many countless blessings! I’m very happy you were able to share this with us out here who love the Lord and seek His guidance continually and hopefully even those that are struggling with their Faith or are not believers will read this simple powerful story about a little boy, his puppy dog and God written by a “little girl;” and see in it that, “Out of the mouth of babes” PSALM 8:2, there is much we can learn, because the wisdom of God is in them that He created in His image so PURE of HEART!
    Brother in Christ Jesus,

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      1. Sister in Christ Marcia,
        I’ve never felt good around a woman crying, and throughout my life so far I admit I made a few cry by circumstance or trying to talk through a situation, but it couldn’t be avoided no matter how gentle and kind I was attempting to be, the crying needed to come out!
        I say this only because I want to tell you I do feel comfortable if a woman cries tears of joy, yes; and I do indeed believe and hope with my heart that you had those tears to express your heart felt passion and love which you actually did express in this wonderful little story about a boy and his dog, which I very much identified with, and the more I think about it my eyes well-up with tears remembering my dogs that I had as a boy, and how hard it was to lose them and not to be seen again, at least not here!
        God is so beautiful to give us this opportunity and though we must take the good with some bad it is all a process to perfection and eternal love that is definitely worth the difficulty! Just think as a Mom and how any mother actually giving birth to a beautiful new life; how great and precious is that! Lots of hardship and even pain to give birth but the end result is what matters. All is a gift of greatness and awe inspiring love from God!
        Peace be with you and yours.
        Brother in Christ Jesus,


    1. Now I must add a powerful comment that came to me as I pondered your story, I too was always a deep thinker, as a boy I didn’t mind being alone and thinking as I made a model or looked at some interesting pictures in the encyclopedia set. But this comment came like a bolt of lightning this afternoon and it is a clear sky very bright blue! I just answered your comment to me about your crying and had already written this comment to you a little while ago as I went about my business. I think this should clarify the strongest points to your lovely story, that God inspired you to write when you were that little faithful girl so that it would come out again now in the future!

      Marcia, as I went on this afternoon taking care of business it dawned on me that what you wrote there as a little girl was also laying out very clearly what sacrifice and true love for our families and friends is all about. And that your story illustrates very well the point you made as a child, which is that Jesus gave up His life so His loved ones will live!
      I know we agree that little Tommy had a great friend in the form of a puppy dog that ultimately had to show that his love was so great for Tommy that he was willing to give up his own life! (I tear up here) I’ve seen animals with that kind of love! Had a dog a few years back that actually did it for me! I know the Holy Spirit is at work and is with us now in all of this! Not a coincidence, but a reality from God!
      “No one has greater love than this, that one should lay down his life for his friends.” John 15:13,
      “Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God; and everyone who loves is born of God and knows God.” 1 John 4:7-12
      It’s all from God Marcia! And I know something here; that you’ve been a very good faithful servant child of God’s!
      Brother in Christ Jesus,

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      1. I add here at this comment I just sent, that now I’m crying too! God loves us that much! The little girl and the dog spoke to us what God willed! My recent dog who did die for me was God speaking again!

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