“EATING BABIES for Climate Change…”

This woman is hysterical, as in frantic not funny. “Even if we bombed Russia, it is not enough”, she says. Her shirt says “Eat children”! How many more are like her? Judging by the expressionless faces of the others, probably more than we think. How could anyone not react to what she was saying is beyond me. I guess kudos to AOC for her calm and polite response? Was no one shocked? One lady showed a flicker of momentary shock. We’re looking at the general worldview of the masses during the Tribulation, folks.

7 thoughts on ““EATING BABIES for Climate Change…”

  1. Speechless but not surprised. Satan has been ‘eating babies’ since the beginning of time. Murder is rampant and now in the open with no repercussions. Look up. If I am sick of this a perfect God is sicker, I believe.:*(

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    1. Put bluntly and totally truthfully my Mom in Christ Jesus! My birth Mother said many times that God’s patience is getting very thin and we know how His plan is unfolding as foretold; so those of us with real Faith and as Psalm 51:10 points out so well, “Create in me a pure heart.” That is what any human being should be striving to have now more than ever, as time is growing very short! Amen

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  2. There are way too many morally bankrupt, desensitized, tuned out of reality, mental midget, out to lunch, totally insane and yes demonically influenced people running around making matters far worse than we already thought they could ever be. Seriously this woman is either insane and many others in that room with the fraud AOC or they have absolutely no faith in God which allows them to be minions of the evil one or whoever comes along to manipulate the public. Our Mainstream Media and many politicians have exacerbated this nightmare for years now and unfortunately there isn’t any simple man-made solution or means to curtail this anytime soon!
    And of course any of these people in that room who are attending a meeting to listen to the illustrious AOC must be the wisest and most rational people our society has to offer why else would they drop whatever else they have to do to or even should be doing so that they could be sure to attend this crucial meeting and hear some great wisdom from the “New Green Deal Lady!” As Dr. Michael Savage said for years on radio and in his books; “liberalism is a mental disorder.” NUFF SAID!

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      1. Hi Marcia, I had to hit the hay before and this is what was on my mind when I opened my eyes again! First we all sure need to pray more devoutly than ever because things have gotten so much worse! I said before, NUFF SAID.
        But actually it isn’t enough said when it comes to AOC this woman riles me to no end. How this nation can even allow such a loon to hold office is a terrible sign in and of itself! What I said earlier was some over the top sarcasm of mine but now I have to say because this mad woman beyond liberal minion of the depths of hell said there is always hope and plenty of options! What a lying hypocrite! Hey AOC try telling that to all your Dem House partners and constituents seeing you know something about “Hope and Options” but most of all you should especially tell the thousands of human babies being aborted; now in your home state of New York Full Term Day of Delivery! I guess they don’t get any of that “Hope and those Options” you mentioned huh! Somehow for them they are an underclass that can’t get any of that, a minority that doesn’t count like all the other minorities you represent in your district; even some way outside of your voting district the underclass not being Citizens yet like those illegal invaders coming over the Southern Border that you want to give full Citizen Rights and Medicare to, but these UNBORN just can’t get any of that! Oh I see maybe it’s because they don’t cast votes and you pander to only those fools that will believe you’re saying something truthful and give you a thumbs up at the polling station, even all those illegals that get to vote! This is the same woman that started out screaming to people there is no time left; so we must stop “Global Warming” with her “New Green Deal” which helped fuel or create some of this very “Hysteria in her face” now when she also must face that her rhetoric failed and that she is over the top with those crazy ideas so she backpedals a bit and says there is time, a few years anyway; just keep her in office is the main thing! Are you for REAL lady! You are a total lying phony AOC!

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