In case you are wondering where I’ve been, I’m still looking up! I just have not been looking at my WordPress feed or felt led to post anything.

I’m in a reflective, quiet place right now.

It is fall break for the local public schools. Our church hosts a youth rally for one afternoon during this time. It was this past Saturday. Think VBS, only it’s just for one day. Noon til 6. We fed the kids lunch then at 6 we had a cookout for all the families.

I was asked to teach the PreK-2nd Bible class, which was a breeze of course, but challenging in its own right. I am happy to do whatever the Lord calls me to do.

Anyway, I’ve also been painting on my daughter’s bedroom, a little at a time. Today she decided to help by painting this old metal trunk that belonged to my mom when she was a teenager.

You may notice paint on the floor. 😂 Don’t worry, that linoleum is coming up as soon as the painting is done. There is original hard wood under it. Why the previous owners covered it up is beyond me.

Soooo….that’s the update. Later Taters!