2 thoughts on ““Jacques Vallée, UFOs, and the Case Against Aliens”

  1. Sister in Christ Jesus Marcia,
    We can rest assured there are no little green men or ET won’t be stopping by to phone home! Pop culture, the occult and now the corrupted Main Stream Mass Media have had a field day for decades now deceiving and setting the stage for the biggest deception and lie to be perpetrated upon the human race; truly the blind leading the blind! The signs are evident and many are still being deniers of Jesus Christ with so much blatant hypocrisy and deception going on all around us yet they will keep following the leaders and lies; while refusing to accept the one Plain Whole Truth that was given to us two thousand years ago! Time is running out and too many want to be too stubborn and self-righteous to humbly bend their knees to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!
    Brother in Christ Jesus,

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