Red October

On September 11 2013 I shared a dream of mine. Here is a copy of what I wrote then:

I am at an arena of some sorts. I go through a door that leads me under the bleachers. My dad and daughter are standing there, peeking through people’s feet. I look and see a stage. Standing on the stage is POTUS (Obama). My dad makes a comment about how easy it would be for a sniper to get to him from where we watch under the bleachers. I feel uneasy and leave for a moment. When I return, a group of security personnel are calmly escorting my dad out of the building. I rush to get my daughter. He is not handcuffed and he walks with them peacefully. He leans and whispers in my ear, “Tell Sandy and Cathy Red October”. I think, “like the movie?” but know he is not referring to the Sean Connery film. The dream ends with me trying to text the message to its intended recipients.

I wouldn’t even mention this dream except for the heavy feeling pounding at my brain when I think about it and the cryptic message of “Red October”. I think my dad in the dream is completely irrelevant. He will never say such a thing, be in such a position. I’m unsure of what this dream means, if it even has a meaning, but I present it to you for your speculation.

That dream has stayed with me, and I still don’t know if it has any significance.

My curiosity was piqued when I saw this video in my YouTube feed. Is there any connection? Has anyone else had any kind of dream/vision regarding a red October? Is it “a thing”?

15 thoughts on “Red October

  1. The timing of your post Marcia couldn’t be more “odd”…or maybe coincidental…
    At the beginning of the month (October) I also started hearing this phrase, “Red October”.

    Then too, years back… (2016?) I had a vision of our skies turning completely Red. I have not been able to put all these puzzle pieces together. Somehow Red October ties to the “scales” of Libra which denotes Judgement but the other oddity is that out of all the “signs in the heavens” astronomically speaking – the Scales of Libra are the only symbol of God’s Heavenly calendar that represent an inanimate object.

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      1. Over the years I’ve heard people say, based on visions they’ve been given, the concept of red sky attributed to the 9th Planet or Nibiru
        I just went and read Mt 16 though where Jesus responds to the religious leaders about signs of the times. The word “red” at Mt 16 refers to the sign of the prophet Jonah. In Strong’s this usage (Jonah) refers to “fire”- specifically lightning, fiery, fire. What really sticks out to me as I’ve been digging into the Word “Red” is its association with “Fire” – and how each of those associations points back to the “flame” and “fire” spoken of in The Song of Solomon. Now I’m wondering if Red October is associated with Elijah and the scrolls of the Judgement scales.

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  2. …sorry, keep accidentally hitting the send when trying to delete. Some sort of literal occupation of our government in a globalist takeover, assassinations, and then the FEMA camps activated.

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