3 thoughts on “Mr. Lee Duigon

  1. Marcia, I almost peed my pants when this came into view!!! For one I have to say the Rod Serling (he was a great writer) bit is great as I use or reference him quite a bit in my commentary online because people do that to me these days so you are SPOT-ON as far as I’m concerned; and I don’t think that I’m in the Twilight Zone mind you but that some people sure are or have been, and perhaps just for a moment, “consider if you will,” in two places at once!!! Which brings me to the very uncanny portion of my response to your question that I put to you; can a person be two things at once or better said be both a man and a woman!? Hold on I have to run off for a moment I’m about to pee my pants again!!!
    God what a relief, oh sorry, I mean no I don’t think that is remotely possible even; and God help us is this what the human race has come to when so many are asking each other such BIZARRE questions or worse telling each other they aren’t sure what sex they are? One word comes to mind, INSANITY!
    And YES the Emperor has no cloths ahahahaha!
    Lawrence (at least I’m pretty sure that’s me!)

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