URGENT CALL TO ACTION – NOVEMBER 23, 2019 – Eye Opening Truth

So the witches are allegedly at it again ……with another ceremony due on November 23 to “bind Trump”……to keep him from harming America, or so they claim.

Look, people may scoff at this and ask what harm could it do and let them have their little ceremony, but a follower of JESUS CHRIST-Yeshua HaMashiach-needs to see this for what it is: Spiritual Warfare. ESPECIALLY in light of all this impeachment nonsense. While I may question President Trump’s sincerity, I can plainly see the good he is bringing to America….with his support of Israel if for no other reason…..

I know I will be in prayer tonight and tomorrow over this, that they not bring even more demons into this country.


Now what? Netanyahu indicted. Gantz fails to form government. Iran threat rising. Where does Israel go from here?

A simple breakdown

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(Jerusalem, Israel) — This has been a crazy week in Israel, and people are asking me what’s coming next. Here’s a rudimentary road map. Just keep in mind there are likely to be lots of roadblocks and detours ahead.

  1. On Wednesday night, Benny Gantz — head of the Blue & White centrist party — informed Israeli President Ruvi Rivlin that he was not able to form a government. This follows Netanyahu failing to form a government a month earlier.
  2. On Thursday morning, Rivlin informed Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein that a 21-day period now begins in which any Member of the Parliament can try to gather 61 signatures from fellow MKs to form a government and become Prime Minister.
  3. In theory, this meant both Netanyahu and Gantz could keep looking for ways to become PM — including forming a unity government in which the two would rotate the premiership.
  4. Then came the…

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