“O Holy Night-Sung In Navajo-Native American(Jana).wmv”

Fun Facts: 1. Hubs has collected arrowheads since he was twelve. 2. Our son’s best friend is Navajo, adopted by a white couple, and who now attends our church. Best friend also has two sisters who are also friends with my son. Very sweet kids.

Son on left. Bff on right
Mom and sisters decorating our church’s Christmas tree.

One thought on ““O Holy Night-Sung In Navajo-Native American(Jana).wmv”

  1. Marcia my Sister in Christ Jesus; such beautiful boys and what a beautiful Christmas tree your wonderful mother and all the others decorate to celebrate the birth of our Savior King Jesus! These photos represent exactly what pleases our Lord and gives to Him the recognition and reference He deserves from all His children while we express how much we love each other as family! I’m glad you shared these photos as they remind me of so many Christmas time festivities with family doing these same things many years ago which were always such magical and joyous times for all. This is all so pleasing to our heavenly Father! God Bless You and Yours.
    Brother in Christ Jesus,

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