Power of the Air- Terry James

Many an elderly former television network broadcaster doubtless engages in ever-recurring conversations while sipping his favorite evening libation.

“Remember how we once ruled the airwaves?” might be one such conversation starter.

“Yeah. In the old days we could say it on the evening news and by noon the next day public opinion would begin to come around,” the commiserating drinking partner might say.

I can imagine a Dan Rather type and some other no longer relevant propagandist lamenting as the tonic and gin or bourbon on the rocks burns a liquid trail down their once golden throats.

“Those were the good, old days,” one of them shakes his head, blinks, and calls to the barmaid for a refill.

“There’s no leadership to ever bring those days back,” I can hear the other irrelevant former anchor saying. “Now they all go their separate ways… There are far too many of them to ever come together.”

“It almost makes you see the need for the power of dictatorship…for the good of the republic,” the Dan Rather-type says, taking the first sip from his newly refreshed adult beverage.

“Yeah. We used to at least have that kind of influence over public opinion… for the good of the republic,” the other, ageing broadcaster puts in.

They must dream happily of when they and their network colleagues had the three network monopoly. Now, it must be a nightmare that they live through daily. Their personal influence is no more—the power of their profession significantly diminished.

That this is the case is plainly presented in polls taken about how America’s people feel about that profession. Always, news media, as being trustworthy in the eyes of the public, ranks very near the bottom of those polls.

If there ever was a question about why that ranking is so low, we need only think on the past three years or so.

It would almost seem that our two, ageing, former anchors need not worry for a second about the ability of the news conglomerate to speak with the power of one. The mainstream news media have coalesced in a way that ABC, CBS, and NBC could have and would have never done when they had, collectively, nearly sole power of the air.

It is true that today’s now fractionalized mainstream news media, as individual news forums, draw infinitesimally small numbers of viewers in comparison to numbers drawn by the big three networks during the good old days. But the power exerted by the new collective –the fractionalized mainstream media— is, I’m convinced, even more powerful than that wielded by the big three those years earlier.



One thought on “Power of the Air- Terry James

  1. Marcia, the hot off the press story with all of them in the MSM has been incessantly “Quid Pro Quo” for months now and they keep hamming that narrative or some variation of it into the public consciousness daily as we know; painting our Great President Trump with that guilty as charged and guilty until proven innocent rhetoric! But, it is all of these collective mass media outlets along with our highly corrupted government, especially the Democrat party that have been all guilty of “Quid Pro Quo” for many years now; all of them in concert playing us for the fools! The rating of Congress in any legitimate poll for decades now has been holding in the single numbers, as now doing the same I suspect; is the case with the MSM. When I see a network promo or tease pop up and Margaret Brennan or whoever is on the screen making a pose and maybe breaking a smile to look so authentic and official I want to vomit and I told one of my sisters that this morning; how they have the audacity to act that way as though everything is just hunky-dory and they think we look up to them or some silly idea like that! She and all of them are bottom feeding creatures in my book and I worked in TV News and Sports coverage many years ago when even then I wanted to puke a few times, seeing these self-serving bigots and phonies carrying on like they are so righteous and noble. Now they are all in the toilet bowl in my book! My sister listened calmly as she does for me and then said, “well, I know, but if you’re asking me why they keep doing it there has to be one reason; the money!” So sickeningggg! Where is moral integrity and conscience in people that have such a massive effect on so many minds and hearts! This is UNCONSCIONABLE!

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