Tis Thine the Slumbering Saint to Waken

This was quoted in D.L. Moody’s book Secret Power: The Secret of Success in Christian Life and Work. It is a beautiful book about Holy Spirit.

I do not know the title, so I gave it one above.

O Spirit of God, whose voice I hear, Sweeter than sweetest music, appealing In tones of tenderness and love; Whose comforts delight my soul, and Fills the temple of my heart with joy beyond compare. I need Thee day by day, and each day’s moment, Lord. I sigh for greater likeness To Him who loved me unto death, and loves me still. ’Tis Thine to lead me to Him; ’tis Thine to ope the eye, To manifest His royal glories to my longing heart; ’Tis Thine the slumbering saint to waken And discipline this blood-touched ear To hearken to my heavenly Lover’s voice, And quickly speed His summons to obey. O Spirit of the Mighty God, uplift my faith Till heaven’s precious light shall flood my soul, And the shining of my face declare That I have seen the face of God. — (Author Unknown)

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