One thought on “Putin isn’t going anywhere for awhile

  1. Just like China’s leader of their communist party, Xi Jinping! Absolute power corrupting absolutely! And some young American’s think they would have it better under Bernie or Warren the progressives which are basically communists in diapers! Lots of messed up people in this world that don’t see the forest for the trees or they don’t want to and would rather be stoked out of their skulls all of the time with no responsibilities; but life doesn’t work that way there is no free lunch or ride, there is always a price to pay! Well, now that things are ramping up on the dark side of this world; Jesus is closer to Coming, and I’ve noticed even in my personal relationship with Him that He is sending more Divine Providence to those that are receptive and faithful! I understand from past reading that Putin was a charming thug in his KGB days, just the kind of guy a country with nuclear weapons needs as a supreme figurehead of a commie dictatorship or authoritarian regime!

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