Pertinent facts about Emmanuel Macron | Serve Him in the Waiting

Sandra shares some very interesting facts about France’s Emmanuel Macron. Such as (and I quote from her article):

“Emmanuel means “God with us”

Macron surname means “He who values power over love”, also “to obliterate”.

His 2 middle names are Jean-Michal and FrédéricJean-Michal means  “who is like God or “God remits”Frédéric means ” Peaceful ruler”.

Won election by 66.6% of the vote

Stated he was so intelligent that the press probably could not keep up with how fast his brain works

Said he intended to rule like the Roman god Jupiter (The most powerful of Roman gods)

Born on winter solstice/Saturnalia celebration.

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A Radical Change

That was me a couple days ago. I usually have an apathetic relationship with my hair. I usually just don’t care, especially since I do not have a public job.

Saturday, I had had enough of it though. I have very thick hair and when it gets long, it really weighs me down. It also naturally wants to wrap itself around my neck. I hate that. Pony tails, while an option, pull at my scalp too much and give me a headache. So, I texted my sister to see if she was home. She was not.

Instead of being patient and waiting until Sunday (today), I begged Hubs to cut it. He was unsure but I assured him it’s just hair and would grow back. This was the result.

Technically, this was taken around lunch today after my sister corrected some stray long pieces that hubs left.

So then, this evening I went to my Mom’s and she gave me bangs. Unfortunately, my cowlick was out of control and the “tinsel”, ie gray, became very obvious.

My sister offered to color it. At first I said to just go my original pale blonde, how it was when I was young, but then I had a crazy idea. Why not really shake things up a bit? After all, if I don’t like it, it will fade out and by then the salon should be open to restore my natural blonde. It is shorter than I’d prefer, but it will grow. I try not to get too hung up on such things. Anyway, without further ado……

I was nervous about what Hubs would say, ha ha, but he likes it. It certainly feels better!!