We Are On A Journey

Most people’s schedules and daily lives have been upended

and shaken about. As a homeschool, stay-at-home-mom, and my husband working for the local hospital, our life is not that different. However, it is about to change somewhat as Hubs just found out today his hours are being cut in half. Praise God, in His generous provision, gave me the foresight to completely stock our 3 freezers and pantry closet. I’ve been stocking up on extra meat and vegetables since January. We also already have seeds for this year’s garden.

Still, since this pandemic hit America, I have given pause for a lot of self-reflection. I hope you have too.

The end is in sight like never before. The world we knew just a few short months ago is gone, never to return. The globalists have not let this crisis go to waste and are full steam ahead in implementing their agenda. (The idea of whether they planned the entire pandemic is for another post.)

As Christians, we need to be looking up and within. Are you ready for any persecution that may be coming? How has the past few weeks without being in a church building affected your relationship with the Lord? Are you drawing closer to Him, or finding yourself easing into a new habit of not being “in church”. Do you think of Him more or less often now?

It is my prayer that we all evaluate our hearts and our relationship with Jesus. May we once and for all discard the works of the flesh and our pitiful idols and suit up in service to our King.

Bless you and maranatha!