We Are On A Journey

Most people’s schedules and daily lives have been upended

and shaken about. As a homeschool, stay-at-home-mom, and my husband working for the local hospital, our life is not that different. However, it is about to change somewhat as Hubs just found out today his hours are being cut in half. Praise God, in His generous provision, gave me the foresight to completely stock our 3 freezers and pantry closet. I’ve been stocking up on extra meat and vegetables since January. We also already have seeds for this year’s garden.

Still, since this pandemic hit America, I have given pause for a lot of self-reflection. I hope you have too.

The end is in sight like never before. The world we knew just a few short months ago is gone, never to return. The globalists have not let this crisis go to waste and are full steam ahead in implementing their agenda. (The idea of whether they planned the entire pandemic is for another post.)

As Christians, we need to be looking up and within. Are you ready for any persecution that may be coming? How has the past few weeks without being in a church building affected your relationship with the Lord? Are you drawing closer to Him, or finding yourself easing into a new habit of not being “in church”. Do you think of Him more or less often now?

It is my prayer that we all evaluate our hearts and our relationship with Jesus. May we once and for all discard the works of the flesh and our pitiful idols and suit up in service to our King.

Bless you and maranatha!

3 thoughts on “We Are On A Journey

  1. Sister Marcia! This is saying like it is, and as I see it too! Very well said; you and I along with many realize an agenda is unfolding; one that isn’t for our benefit. The enemies within and those without are consolidating their forces and nefarious plans that are all about conquest and control. I was thinking how an old classic novel War of the Worlds where calculatingly invaders from outer space looked upon this lush planet with envy and devised a plan to attack it and enslave the human race for their sinister purposes. Then, I realized that we have an unseen enemy that is not coming from outer space but instead from inner space, a microbial invader that is now sweeping the planet earth and causing so much suffering and death. But, that is the tip of the iceberg in a sense because more devastating than that is the unseen demon world or the spiritual warfare that is being implemented in earnest to hand all power on this earth over to the true enemy of mankind the one who has been causing so many to stumble and fall over the millennia and that is the devil. This is all a ramping up now of the ultimate plan to consolidate the many human minions and agents of Satan who have been serving him right here in our own government or seat of power in Washington and similarly around the planet other governments have followed suit to move closer toward the Globalist Agenda that dovetails with Satan’s determination to rule the human race and make a true hell on earth before his window of opportunity is shut forever. Now he makes his move through these cohorts and minions, all master manipulators out for more than control but now complete enslavement, which in the end is to bring as many souls into the lake of fire as he can. I love what you said here and I quote, “It is my prayer that we all evaluate our hearts and our relationship with Jesus. May we once and for all discard the works of the flesh and our pitiful idols and suit up in service to our King.” Perfect and crystalline, that is where all of our hope and promise lies is with our most beautiful Savior and Lord Jesus Christ and this world is passing away as all the forces are in the ready to head into the final ultimate conflict between heaven and hell. Now with the digital age and AI along with outlandish decadence, sin, hatreds, materialism, pagan mindsets all over the map, we are seeing a frenzied buildup of opposing forces now like never before with the technologies to implement the most devious of plans as bad or worse than any aliens from outer space could devise; and it may seem the dark is gaining the advantage with all this unnecessary death and mayhem, but these unfortunate things must all come to pass until the final hour draws near and all will be revealed at which time our Savior will Return in all of His glory and none of this evil will stand a chance against our Lord God, it will be vanquished forever. Stay steady and true as you have been, it is actually comforting to me to see how there are very many people like you and I, who are all different ages or from all backgrounds that arenโ€™t fooled or deceived at all. We will stay strong in our faith however long it is required of us because we have our Lord Jesus in our hearts and souls; we are victorious over all enemies because of that! God bless you and yours. Amen.

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      1. Hi Marcia you are a nice quiet Lady and Soul! That is a great thing to me to be quite frank about it! I’m the opposite and can talk till the cows come home! I’ve been told many a time I should have been a DJ or whatever, but that wouldn’t be me I like to talk lots but about selected important matters that come up! You sure got me thinking and I only said a little, so maybe more to come, lol! And, as far as encouragement and inspiration I’m more than happy and honored to do it when the opportunity arrives. You have given me that chance too so I’m equally thankful! ๐Ÿค—๏ธ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™

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