“Messiah” is in the wings….

I came across a video, then an article, which says top rabbis in Israel have been communicating with Messiah. A group of Haredi rabbis, who are of an ultra orthodox sect, claim messiah is in Israel waiting to reveal himself publicly. ( Some messiah. He claims he isn’t strong enough to take over yet because his people are not ready. )

Here is the article: https://www.breakingisraelnews.com/145395/israels-top-rabbi-im-currently-in-discussions-with-the-messiah-himself/

I suggest you read it. It is very interesting and goes into some detail about the Jewish mysticism involved.

Now, as Christians, we know this is a false messiah. It may very well be the man of perdition himself,  aka the anti-christ, aka the beast of Revelation. The Jews will accept him at first. He will confirm a covenant with them for 7 years, but will break that covenant after 3 1/2 years. He will commit the abomination which causes desolation by entering the temple and declaring himself God. He will declare war against them, at which time they will flee to the mountains and be hidden by the one true God. That’s the basic summary, anyway. Since we know preparations for the rebuilding of the temple are in place, and now they think they are communicating with messiah, how soon before Revelation unfolds?

Our time here is short. Once again, I implore all believers to be looking up and making the most of what time we have left!

Here is the video that first brought this to my attention:

4 thoughts on ““Messiah” is in the wings….

  1. Hi Marcia! Great work bringing this information to the fore! Yes many will come and say He is here or there but we are not to believe any of it! This is obviously part of the global scheming going on and it is getting tricky keeping up with all of the false narratives and outright deceptions going on in our MSM, and now Obama a very evil man is making appearances and putting on the con artist smile to dupe whoever he can to join the Biden death march into perdition. It’s so unreal how insane the manmade world has become and that in itself tells me we are so close to the End Time. This isn’t like any other time in the past when people thought the end was near; this is so blatant because even our once fine Republic under God is like a helter-skelter madhouse with so many minions and devious characters that have come out of the woodwork in recent years. I feel this is the countdown in just a matter of a few short years too, or maybe some crazy event occurs and it races to fruition in many months, but it’s never looked this bad in my humble opinion! Help me fill in any blanks please do!

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      1. Thank you Marcia and as they say we do see eye to eye about what God’s word says, and what we discern with our minds that He gave us; so to not be deceived! We need to discuss this more when I’m not so tired, I raced around today and again woke very early, which I do a lot lately.

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