It is snowing. In Kentucky. On April 14 2020. Not unheard of, but since I had my a.c. running a few days ago. …..

Is it snowing where you are?

9 thoughts on “Snowing

  1. Hi Marcia! I’m just getting online finally to try getting caught up, not any time to write today; was on shopping missions and getting the chores done. Being ill on and off for at least a month I fell behind on everything, but now have time to chip away at all the things to get done. It went over 60 degrees today and was sunny, so things are perking up for sure! That is a very odd weather event for your area. Did the sun make a bright appearance and warm things up a bit? Let me know how it’s going. God Bless!

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      1. I had some serious energy again for a change I may have been fighting off the Corona myself it was mostly a strapping chest pain in my entire chest feeling like maybe an infection like pneumonia without any deep congestion, just tired aching legs and runny nose, so it was as though this was like some kind of cold I never had but it wasn’t getting the better of me just trying to! My green tea concoctions and eating quality foods and lots of vitamin C kept my immune system up. How have you and your family been doing all winter with the colds and so on? I figure you’re all very healthy and keep the immune system strong with your great attention to diet and balance in all things.

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      2. I’m glad yours was not serious. I’m shaking my head at you though as you make us out to be saints who have it all together. We are certainly NOT THAT! 😂 We do have good immune systems, but if we get the sniffles we just treat it OTC. Hubs is on BP med and has type 2 diabetes, but still generally healthy. Our biggest challenge every year are seasonal allergies. This crazy weather, cold one week, warm the next, gives us the sniffles too. I try to be balanced, but fall short most if the time. ♥️


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