6 thoughts on ““REOPEN NOW ” MI Protest

      1. Exactly true, and I’m wondering if there will be this short awakening period to allow as many as possible the big opportunity to get straight; because it would very well be the final chance to wake-up as the end is most assuredly coming after what we’ve witnessed since Obama and the cartel of traitors and other nefarious players in this country and around the globe have promoted as outright treason and an attempt to ruin all of the good America was built upon and stood for, creating an actual movement which on its face can only be antichrist; with so much decadence, immorality, even destruction of human life in the womb and now up to day of delivery full term, which is an abomination to God and His creation of human life to fulfill His plan for the Kingdom to Come for His children; so that spells the end to me! And, this is why I’ve surmised as best I can that because God is such a merciful loving Creator He would allow a final last ditch effort to gather as much of the flock as possible so that many who don’t deserve what is coming perhaps from being victims of circumstance or truly remorseful for their sins and transgressions will get the last chance call to follow Jesus once and for all. But, the thing is it could have already been calculated by God who sees and knows all things, His already knowing that nothing is going to change the final outcome or conflict that is coming soon, so in other words it’s a foregone conclusion and modern human civilization has had all the opportunity it’s needed to see the light enough to turn from sin, because there’s been plenty of opportunity for an enlightenment, with communication being what it is now in this age of the information highway; and it hasn’t for a large portion of the human race been enough to convince people to turn from sin and repent to God though Jesus Christ in order to be saved. Either way I think the writing is on the proverbial wall and easy to see, but those that don’t just don’t want to or actually want to reject God because many humans have become that vile and rebellious not having any respect or redeeming qualities in them but rather hate, rebellion and blasphemies! We can see extreme and obvious examples of this right in our face at the seat of power in America, which is just as corrupt or wicked and getting worse than Hillary and Obama; people like Nancy Pelosi, Schiff; and so many that comprise the Dem party. And of course one of their major partners in crime the Chinese Communist Party. While even our own supposed journalism MSM have co-conspired with them driving this agenda! More likely at this point any major delay would be too little too late! All we can do is pray and hope that God’s mercy comes through for us the faithful sooner rather than later. Amen.

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      2. Good morning Marcia! I just woke about an hour ago and now checking my account I see you left this message just about when I went offline. Sure you can quote me I’m sure if you do it will be regarding something worthwhile and important that you’re writing; just let me know what lines and allow me the opportunity to read your piece, I’m sure it will be awesome. Anything else you want to touch base on always feel free to let me know and even shoot and email to me if that works better for you.
        God bless you and yours fine lady!

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