The Coming Genetic Apocalypse

This video was posted by my dear friend S.T. Lloyd on her blog Serve Him In The Waiting. Hey Sandra!

Anyway, this is definitely worth the watch. Did you know, the DNA needs to change by ONLY 1 % for the person to no longer be human? Well, the video discusses this very thing, and more.

7 thoughts on “The Coming Genetic Apocalypse

  1. Hi Marcia! Thank you so much for this and yes most definitely worth watching! I’ve read some reports on this science that is being developed and there are definitely people on the Asian Continent and elsewhere that are doing things that would have Hitler drooling if he were here today! But even worse monsters are here in the flesh and spirit too as in AKA antichrist and Satan’s minions or cohorts preparing for the next quantum leap in the most nefarious plan ever hatched on earth! You’re doing a good job of remaining faithful while discerning all you can to keep ahead of the curse in my way of seeing things and that is commendation to me so greatly!!! Let’s continue to stay strong in our faith and love for Jesus Christ and keep seeking truth so we can share any insights or even revelations. I’ll be looking forward to any interactions like this as we move forward! Thank you again and may God richly bless you and yours!
    Oh, on an added note this was part of my comment on another Blog Post that does interrelate with what you are bringing to the fore with this article of yours too.
    “this whole AI and cyber high-tech world is wrapped around almost everything in our lives now; and so metaphorically we know what serpentine creatures do when they wrap around victims, and this thing is growing exponentially all the time with no real boundaries as to what it will ultimately become, which is a very scary thought about where can that actually end up; to me not a good place after all, as we already see in history of the human race’s advancing into new horizons fueled with determination to outdo and monopolize geopolitical sectors and the military industrial complex need to dominate! It’s not about a charity drive to move mountains in order to truly help others now is it! But, on a happier note I actually think things are going to bounce back sooner rather than later from where we are now to give all we Americans anyway and hopefully a majority of the world’s populations the opportunity to see the light a lot more and get serious about doing the right thing in our lives, at least so we can really help others to get a leg up before the real big changes come, and they will because like I said this AI has a mind of its own that is advancing ahead of human capabilities and that makes it an out of control force to reckon with at some point!”

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      1. Hi Marcia! I knew you would see the correlation and the sad thing is it’s so true and real! Just to take ya mind off that for a minute or two here is the movie trailer for that blast from the past I mentioned that was in the piece that I responded to which an author referred to in the actual larger originating article by Lew Rockwell which got me on that train of thought about the older Classic Movies I like checking out actually more than the CGI stuff; of a different time and era so different than now by light years in a sense, but not that long ago really, even that’s a scary thought because it demonstrates just how radically things have changed and advanced in a short time frame relatively speaking! You know how our grand’s and old timers tell us how it was in the good old days!

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