5 thoughts on “Progress

  1. Hi Marcia! Thanks for the neato update; so good that you are moving along to be ready for the great weather which will arrive before we know it! Wow, that looks so cool and now I feel like my big birdbath may need an accompaniment but with all the birds I get around here if I had a set up like yours I wonder if all the birds would say hey look at this great new birdbath and in no time flat; they would foul it up, lol! Oh, and talking about temperatures just this morning when I woke about 4:30 I looked out back to see everything coated with a fine thin layer of snow and the flakes were huge! Talk about a turnaround we were pushing 70 a few times a couple of weeks ago and everyone was out and about with T-shirts and shorts then today just like you guys had about a week ago; we barely hit 40 degrees today! But, that to me is the last throws of the winter as the transition finalizes! And yes, I’m ready for some great hikes with my dog and enjoying all the new plant growth and so much green in the landscape; it really is beautiful and I think the best time of the year which makes sense both in a metaphorical way and actual physical changes with all the birth and life appearing from baby birds and rabbits to little insects I haven’t seen since late last summer early fall! By the way; I have of course have to mention one of your roosters in this top photo right? Does it have a name? Looks really beautiful! That whole area you have there looks fantastic and very lovely terrain, so the fun is about to begin! Actually it already has with all the good you and Joey have done already; along with all the anticipation now!
    Marcia, that’s a Job well done! Congratulations and I’ll love seeing it with the final touches! It’s very inspiring and a great idea that you and Joey carried out!

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    1. Thanks but I can only take credit for the idea. Joey is the muscle. 😂 None of our chickens have names. We used to name them, but gave up on that a couple years ago. We have too many! I don’t know the final count but it has to be around 75-100. My idea is to build a life from which you don’t need a vacation. 😁

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      1. That sounds like the way to set up a living life! And a life of Living! 😁 Awesome; that is the right outlook in my book! Bless you all! I was sorta kidding about the name and now that you told me how many you have that would be way more work and impossible to keep sorted out, maybe if you had a few or several as just pets or family egg layers names would be manageable! 😂
        That’s all fitting together in my mind how you and Hub structure the God given blessings bestowed upon you! God bless and see you soon I’m sure with I hope another update in the near term! Hope y’all are having a very relaxing night! 😇 🙏

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      2. By the way Ideas are where all things begin! I would say our creator had one big amazing idea and now we mimic creation in our little ways being made in His image! Like you said this week Marcia; telling people to “use the brains that God gave them!” Good construction positive thoughts and creativity are such a beautiful amazing gift from God, just think of it! Thank you for stimulating my good thoughts! Amen.

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