8 thoughts on “Project in the works

  1. Good morning and oh boy that looks like a fun, cool project! Perhaps it’s what I’m thinking along the line of a water fountain habitat garden? I was thinking a couple of years ago of building one out back! Looks great so far! ♥️🌻

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      1. Ah-Ha, good job Marcia; now that’s a very fun project for sure and I even knew some folks nearby that had a really nice one going, was so relaxing to sit by it and hear the trickling water and watch the carp swimming about the water plants such as Lilly Pads! They even had a couple of frogs that made a home in it as well as under a deck close-by protected from dangers all making for such a cute thing to see them now and again when I would walk over to their home to chat! Now you have me wondering why I didn’t get around to building one when the thought dawned on me a while ago! In my case it might be that I started spending thousands of dollars a year on mixed bird seed, black oil sunflower seeds by the 50 lbs. bags along with suet cakes to keep all of the variety of birds, squirrels and rabbits that found an easy meal and friendly hangout on my property. So now I have a water drip going to a bird bath during daylight hours for our fine feathered friends and you should hear the birds singing happily while they splish-splash in it, alternately with them trying to get in on the suet cake holders to peck away getting all that yummy easy pick-ins; while I’ve allowed certain native plans and weeds even to flourish in pockets around the place to give the ground flightless visitors some cover and safe space during the day! I wrote a Blog Post last year about the skunk that lost its mate but it needed some help and assurance that things were going to be alright; I felt bad for the little critter and most people would say get away, but if care is taken it can work out and I’ve had experience with wildlife rescue over the years, so I had jumped into action to do what I could for the little skunk. But, back to why I started getting so involved in feeding the birds; I started doing it here and there when I felt like it but then they came around waiting for me in the mornings, so I gave in and made it a daily chore and fun-time for me and my dog to watch them. I’m a nature nut I suppose to some people that don’t even think of putting this kind of expense into feeding the wildlife. But like dad always said, “to each his own!” Heck I’ve known guys over the years, that went to casinos and forked out serious cash gambling and that is just not me at all, no way no how! I can see how people get addicted but that is unhealthy and foolish to me and if I’m addicted to helping the critters and loving doing it, where is the fault in it! I should have been a farmer! 😇 🙏 🤗

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      2. Yes you should have been a farmer! Joey (Hubs) is the same way. We have backyard chickens and he loves tending to them as well as wild birds and hummingbirds. Oh, he also has rabbits. The simple, back to nature, way of life is the best. People have no idea what they’re missing while they hustle about. Perhaps that is a good thing to come out of this virus ordeal: people are forced to be still, and hopefully create more peaceful habits.

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      3. Wow Marcia you just nailed it and I love all of what you said here! Yes I tend to be a bit different than many folks in these parts who don’t look to the quiet and tiny things right in front of their eyes and take it in, really take it in and appreciate the simple truth and beauty in it, all that God made for us to at last enjoy and even to cultivate it to enrich the soul; that I feel brings us even closer to God, knowing Him in ways that you feel and experience daily seeing the wondrous unbelievable awe and mystery of God’s handiwork! He is so beautiful to have created all of this and then having so much actually unfathomable eternal love for us; and realize how He is showing us a piece of what heaven must be like! It’s too precious to pass up or not respect it, which some people actually do! Good for you and Joey having such a perfect focus on all that matters to God; and us if we allow it to! Excellent! Wow, enjoy it like you do! 😇 🙏 🤗

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      4. 😂 I should know that you would do a great job like that! Sounds like it will be a blast for all of you there in your wonderful family! That’s so beautiful to me and God bless! You have a wonderful evening and rest of the weekend!


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