One thought on “Is It Perception Or Deception? | The Recovering Legalist

  1. Thank you Marcia! 🌻🌻 I agree and excellent focus on the Holy Spirit leading! I left a comment there on the other site and I will here for your so graciously leading me to it! Please keep me posted of anything you are inclined to share like this Marcia! 🌻🌻
    What’s the old adage that if you talk to inmates in a prison most say they didn’t do it. I suppose our human nature gets the better of far too many of us and we try some smoke and mirror parlor tricks on our minds trying to convince ourselves that we see things well enough to know we are good with one thing or another and most likely deep inside we know different; which certainly means that God knows our true intent 100% of the time and we aren’t getting away with anything except deluding our own minds. Then there are those that like an alcoholic are in complete denial after spending a lifetime of playing this self-induced mind game to the point that now they believe their own Rep and are truly delusional and way down the slippery slope!

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