Pertinent facts about Emmanuel Macron | Serve Him in the Waiting

Sandra shares some very interesting facts about France’s Emmanuel Macron. Such as (and I quote from her article):

“Emmanuel means “God with us”

Macron surname means “He who values power over love”, also “to obliterate”.

His 2 middle names are Jean-Michal and FrédéricJean-Michal means  “who is like God or “God remits”Frédéric means ” Peaceful ruler”.

Won election by 66.6% of the vote

Stated he was so intelligent that the press probably could not keep up with how fast his brain works

Said he intended to rule like the Roman god Jupiter (The most powerful of Roman gods)

Born on winter solstice/Saturnalia celebration.

Check out the full post below!

3 thoughts on “Pertinent facts about Emmanuel Macron | Serve Him in the Waiting

  1. Marcia, EM was one of a several people I’ve been keeping an eye on over the last few years. I can’t remember if I read an article or watched some kind of documentary on him…but along with what you (and ST) shared, it was very revealing. May Yahuah and The Holy Spirit protect us all…

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  2. WHAT! See I was seeing something in him just looking at photos lately and the way he acted toward Trump when at that summit in Europe. I never liked his explanation or I should say how he handled the Notre Dame Cathedral burning down. Thank you for this top notch info and mind blowing insights that I have to check out now! God bless you Marcia! 😇 🙏 🤗 🌻

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