A vision and a dream May 21, 2020

After midnight on the evening of May 20, 2020/morning of May 21, 2020 I had just laid down for bed. I closed my eyes and was trying to focus my thoughts to pray when I saw a hand pass in front if my eyes. It moved from left to right and was a left hand. The hand was caucasian, male, with trimmed, clean nails. On the tips of the fingers lay a tiny black box. By tiny I mean the size of a pencil eraser. Something silver and metallic-looking was on the side of the box. Not quite a knob, not quite a latch or handle. The image of the silver protrusion is unclear. The vision was so unexpected, random, and realistic that I literally jerked in shock and asked aloud: WHAT was that about? I still do not know.

The afternoon of May 21, 2020, just hours after the vision, I took a nap and had a dream. The dream began ordinarily enough with random mishmash of people and events in my life, but then segued into the bizarre. I was moving quite fast down a highway. I was not driving, not in a vehicle, but was going too fast to just be walking. I had difficulty seeing and controlling my direction. There were vehicles waiting to pull out of their drive-ways and I was afraid I was going to hit them. I never did. I saw a helicopter land in the ditch to my right and made the comment it looked like a wasp or hornet. Then I saw another helicopter that looked like a dragonfly, with multiple layered wings/propellers. I then saw a bright yellow “vehicle” of some sort that resembled a bug. It “burrowed” itself into the hillside. I had the thought, these are what they will take people away in. I continued down the road. The sky was a hazy sepia color and very eerie. (The image below is the closest I can find of the color of the environment) Suddenly I found myself in the midst of a swarm of flying insects. There were thousands of them and I could barely see, making sure to keep my mouth closed so none would fly in. I soon passed through the swarm and found myself in the midst of a flock of birds. Again, thousands. I was reminded of the Hitchcock movies, The Birds. I hoped they would not peck and claw me. While concerned, I was only mildly so and never felt any actual fear or anxiety. It was as if I was simply observing. I passed through the birds and saw thousands of dead fish laying across the highway. Among the dead fish were live seals. One of them shuffled toward me, its mouth open as if it were barking but I heard no sound. Throughout the entire ordeal, I heard no sound. When I saw the seal come toward me I said, Nope! I’m going home now! I turned on my heels, crossed the highway and headed back the way I came, though on the other side of the highway. I had the impression I was going to pass through all the creatures again on my way back but it’s as if I mentally skipped it and found myself standing in a crowd of random, mostly faceless, people except my mom was there as well as my daughter’s Kindergarden teacher (whom we haven’t seen in 8 years). So the dream was indeed random and nonsensical, as they tend to be, but something about the journey down the highway seems…..notable, at least.

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