“Severe hailstorms wreak havoc across India, destroy homes and crops”


Bouts of hailstorms since the past weeks have wreaked havoc in various parts of India. In Mizoram, hail lashed about 795 houses as confirmed by disaster management and rehabilitation minister Lalchamliana on April 29, 2020. In Haryana, more than 250 000 ha (618 000 acres) of rabi crops were ravaged by heavy showers and hail over the past weekend. In West Bengal, up to 8 million dollars’ worth of mango was ravaged in Malda due to a hailstorm last week.

In the northeastern state of Mizoram, 46 of the houses were totally destroyed, while 749 others sustained partial damage, according to Lalchamliana’s report, Nine out of 11 districts were affected, including 58 villages.

The state government will also provide all possible help to the afflicted families, Lalchamliana confirmed, who is also the home minister.

The worst-affected area is the Hliappui village in east Mizoram’s Saitual district, with a total of 268 residential areas hit, 189 of which were completely damaged.


4 thoughts on ““Severe hailstorms wreak havoc across India, destroy homes and crops”

  1. Hi Marcia!
    Interesting I haven’t been able to keep up with global weather and the effects. But I did read how Robert Redford thinks the Pandemic has great plus side in that is stopped much human industry or activity which already showed the great benefit to the environment so maybe Redford missed this stuff or just ignored it in his NBC piece. I guess he being a privileged rich liberal he doesn’t worry about all the poverty and long term unemployment consequences of this horrible crisis as he and all the left-wing elites kick back and live off the fat of the land while countless millions are and will suffer severely if they can’t get back to work and maintain their homes or families well-being! He’s now touting the green deal mentality which is so easy for him to join fruit cakes whackos like AOC who is still pulling in $170,000.00 plus bucks a year doing nothing for it; but they think they should be speaking for all of us and molding the world the way they see fit! What a nut house that we have idiots like these stooges even being allowed a podium to speak from where as if any of us were to try and get that kind of press coverage we would get laughed out of town or maybe even apprehended for fomenting! I guess Free Country these days applies to burnout movie stars and left wing radial newbies who got propped up by Soros or the Clinton Cartel! We just don’t know the right people is all! I should right Redford seeing I met him once maybe that would get me a toe in the door, and suggest to him why not go back to the Stone Age and just leave the planet alone, so everything will just, I suppose according to his belief reach some natural equilibrium and we’ll be living in the Garden of Eden again; all 7.8 billion people!

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      1. There you go Marcia; that Goldilocks or Eden idea they have, of making it a better world for “them” not us most of us which is why they are robbing the people’s bank and ripping off everyone they can as fast as they cannot that they think they can take it with them but that they will be spending it all here being mighty; that is exactly how the Dem party with a few Rino’s tossed in, behave toward us, and talk like we are insignificant, and we just need to shut up and listen and do what they say! Fat chance as in no chance that will be me, over my dead body, because I would rather be exiting than living the way they are setting things up! Here is where Gates and China come in with mass extermination and totalitarian rule! We will keep the faith and pray consistently so that our Lord and Savior will deliver us from this hellish nightmare they are designing!

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