Disclaimer-Putting Things In Perspective

Ok, if you haven’t read my last post on the plannedemic video, you can do so here.

I want to take a moment to clarify something.

I am not saying what Judy Mikovits says is true. I am not saying it is not true, either. I do not know. How can we know?

Here is what I DO KNOW:

The Bible is True. The Word is Truth.

The Word tells us deceptions will abound. The Word tells us the devil is prowling about seeking whom he may devour. The Word tells us after the Restrainer is removed a man of perdition will step up speaking lies and further deceiving the world with all manner of signs and wonders. The Word tells us the world will be governed by a system, controlled by the man of perdition, which will demand absolute compliance and worship.

I believe everything we see now, the COVID-19, mandatory lockdown, possible forced vaccinations…..all of it….is preparing the world for this coming beast system. The Word tells us the spirit of anti-christ is already at work in the world. It was at work 2000 years ago and it is coming to full fruition now.

I also believe the Lord, Lover of our souls, our Redeemer, the Giver of Life, can use all things for good. I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: I believe He is calling us to Himself. He wants a pure, holy people, unadulterated by this world and He is using this time as a wake up call.

I commented on another blog that I think it’s important to expose the corruption, to be informed. We know these things must happen in the end times, and America will eventually fall, but it is my sincere prayer that it falls as the result of American Christians being raptured and not because we stood idly by and let them take away our freedoms and burn our Constitution.

As much as I love America, I know this is not my Home. One day the Prince of Peace will call me to His side and I will forever be with Him. In the meantime, my primary and most important focus, is upon Him and pointing people to Him. Jesus Christ. Yeshua.

Ask Yourself WHY

Certainly by now you’ve at least gotten a whiff of the video circulating entitled Plannedemic. In it, Dr. Judy Mikovits exposes the corruption surrounding COVID-19, big pharma, and well-known medical organizations. The video literally is being taken down as quickly as it goes up.

I saved it to my phone, unloaded it to my YouTube channel and the second it was processed, I clicked to watch and it was already removed due to “violating community standards”.

If you search for Dr. Mikovits, you will find link upon link discrediting her as a conspiracy theorist and all around nut job. Her website, plannedemic.com wouldn’t even load for me.

You gotta ask yourself one question:


Why is the documentary concerning one nut job doctor such a threat? Could it be because it is true? Could it be because it contradicts the approved narrative?

Don’t for a minute think the globalists, et al, have our best interests at heart. This woman was jailed without a formal charge!

I am trying again to post the video. I will share it here if I’m successful.

Stay alert and keep looking up!

Kenyan Bishops Discover Gates’ Vaccinations Linked to Infertility

Videos such as these are being deleted almost as fast as they go up. I am sharing as many here and on my YouTube channel as I can.

We simply must quit burying our heads in the sand and BE INFORMED and SPEAK OUT against this organized agenda that is sweeping the world.