3 thoughts on “““Setting The Stage For The Coming War Of Gog And Magog”- Prophecy Update”

  1. Dear Marcia, I wanted to view your current video on the coming WAR…..but when I click on box it states this video is private, a few other recent posts are the same way. If I check back to OLDER ones they all seem to be available to view.
    Why are current ones in an unavailable condition to view????? ron garbe we3rgarbe@charter.net PS have liked reading your BLOG!!


  2. Absolutely Marcia this is where it is all headed especially now that China took the first big move in the devils chess game and tried to get even with Trump after their having the Leftist Dems in Xi Jipings hip pocket until our President’s saying enough is enough, you are commies and ripping America off constantly and playing both ends against the middle with not just North Korea since 1953 and all through the Vietnam War; and anything and everything else they could get away with or use as leverage to screw over the United States. Now this world stage has been amped up to a level where imbalances between the super powers is more pronounced with everything teetering and Iran the evil, I have to say direct pipeline to Satan, is looking for any way it can to cause pain to the US. Of course the crowning jewel they are inspired to steal or decimate is the Holy Land and the birth place of Jesus which isn’t going to be allowed, so they will stage their huge war hoping to swing it west into the heart of the Holy Land. Thanks for this helpful and mind jarring reminder here.

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