Beyond the Gate

Last night I was emailing a part of my testimony to a friend. Here is part of what I typed. I’m sharing it here because as I was typing, and again as I read it, there was a level of disconnect for me. While I was the one typing, these are not my words. I hope that makes sense. I believe the Holy Spirit is involved and there is a message here for someone, though I have no idea who.

We know the path to the Father is through Jesus. We know the way is narrow and the gate small. It is through Christ alone we come to the Father. However, we tend to put what’s on the other side of that gate into a rather small box too. We put God in a box full of rules and traditions. Some commandments are of course holy and to be obeyed. Most are the traditions of men shaped by our culture. In reality, the space beyond the gate is infinite, for God is Infinite. He cannot be put in a box. He is not subject to our finite understanding. His ways are mysterious to us, vast, and beyond anything we can comprehend with these frail minds of ours. Yes, the way is narrow: Jesus. But we must be careful not to limit God and His purposes. It is beyond the gate where we find Psalm 91. It is beyond the gate where we dwell in the secret place and abide in His shadow. Just beyond the gate is where true prayer, worship and fellowship with Abba resides. 

Be blessed and MARANATHA!