Confirmation for Dana Coverstone??

This was just posted. The host is in New Zealand, but he covers prophecy and news pertinent to America. In the past he has interviewed a man who is a former 33 (or maybe 32?) Degree Mason, who left the Masons when he became a Christian. This is the latest email the former Mason sent regarding info a source gave him. It bears an alarming similarity to Dana’s dreams.
I think I was meant to hear this. I was listening to another video and when it was over, I tried to exit youtube but my screen went black and the audio to this video began playing and I was unable to exit out of it or even go to my home page.

Take it to the Lord. I know I am.

4 thoughts on “Confirmation for Dana Coverstone??

  1. Yes Marcia… there are many oddities happening all around and so much rebellion or defiance directed at God and His faithful at this time, which spells trouble, but, we must remain vigilant and discern faithfully daily because the war is on full steam ahead! Very dangerous times, but, we have the Lord to lead us on our path to Him! ✝️ 💞🤗❤️

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      1. We can’t see or know what all the pieces are but we can get enough of a picture to see that this is a most unprecedented time like no other and it isn’t adding up to anything pretty that is a forgone conclusion by now for anyone with half a brain and some commonsense wouldn’t you agree? OUT OF CONTROL HELTER-SKELTER EVIL all over the place! Let’s keep praying hard, looking and discerning while we share anything of Christian importance because that’s the only reason any of us is still here is to serve Him our Lord God though Jesus Christ! He reigns forever and is coming again in His Glory Hallelujah! ✝️ 💞🤗❤️

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